GlassPaw Pet Bowl


GlassPaw pet bowls are available in a variety of colors, a small sampling of which are shown here. Choose from 3 sizes, as well as customization options for etching and bone addition. Bones also available separately as fun home decor.

See the Description section for specific ordering instructions.


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We humans eat and drink from glassware—why should our pets be any different? Avoid icky taste transfer from metals and plastics and switch to a gorgeous, handmade, food-grade glass bowl for your favorite animal friends. The seamless design allows for easy cleaning. Buy two for a complete food and water set—many colors available to mix and match.

When placing your order, please enter a color family (blue, green, pink, etc.) and we will email you with specific options in that color family we currently have available. Some colors are more limited than others. For example, in blue, we may have a regular blue, dark cobalt, aqua, or metallic blue at any given time.

Custom name etching can be placed either on a bone, or directly on the bowl.

Small (5″) is suitable for cats and toy breed dogs, such as chihuahuas.
Medium (9″) is suitable for medium breed dogs, such as corgis.
Large (10.5″) is suitable for large breed dogs, such as retrievers.

If you have any questions about options, feel free to call us at (510) 778-1548 or email [email protected].


Thank you for viewing our glass gallery. If an order does not meet your expectations, we will honor exchanges within 30 days. Custom orders are final and cannot be exchanged. Once an order is placed, we cannot process returns. We guarantee to get as close to the pictures as we can, but since each piece is handmade to order, slight variations can occur.

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