Glass Blowing

Each blow slot is eight hours long and rentals run $325 for the small glory hole (12in diameter), $425 for the large glory hole (22in diameter). Prices are as follows for half days (4hr slot): $175 for the small glory hole and $225 for the large glory hole. For every 15 minutes over your time, you will be charged an additional $25.

Equipment will be fired up one hour in advance to ensure a prompt start.


Glass Equipment

· 500 lb. crucible furnace

· 1 bench per glory hole

· 36" x 18" x 14" garage

· Pipe warmer

· Pipe cooler

· Front load Annealer:

30.5" tall x 24.5" deep x 58" wide

Front loading with 2 single hinged door

· An additional charge of $100 if you need to use another annealer


Glass Allowance

For the Small Glory Hole we allot 50lbs for a full day and 25lbs for a half day. For the Large Glory Hole we allot 100lbs for a full day slot and 50lbs for a half day slot. An additional $2 per pound will be charged for more than your allotment. Additional glass prices are as follows:

25lbs= $50  100lbs= $200

50lbs= $100 125lbs= $250


Additional Equipment

Each blowing slot will include use of 1 propane torch (bring your own tank, or a tank can be provided for $10). Standard pipes and punties are available too. Please treat all equipment as if it was your own.

It is your responsibility to clean up at the end of each slot. Please follow the clean up list that is posted around the hot shop. Common courtesy among renters is expected at all times.

There will be a $50 CLEAN UP FEE if the studio is left dirty.

***Prices above are as of 08/15/14 and are subject to change. Studio rental is subject to availability..***


Rental Agreement

Click to 'Download' a printable copy of our Rental Agreement.


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