Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my Groupon vouchers?
Go to our calendar to see the current schedule and click on the class that corresponds to your voucher. Read the prompts on the registration form carefully, and enter your redemption code in the appropriate text box. If you have multiple codes, enter each one separated by a comma. Make sure to enter the shorter code, and not the long serial number with dashes. If your voucher has expired, we will ask for a $40 fee in order to redeem it for an equal-value class.


My Groupon voucher expires before the next available class. Can I still use it?
Yes! As long as you register before your voucher expires, it won’t matter when the class itself is.

How do I reschedule or cancel my class?
You may reschedule or cancel your booking by calling (510) 778-1548 or emailing [email protected] with name and date on the current reservation. (You may find a new date that works best for you by clicking the class title under “Class Descriptions“, which will show you a list of all available days & times.) If you are rescheduling/cancelling within 2 days of your class date, we require a $40 fee per person, as it is too late for us to fill the spots with other customers.

I’ve never worked with glass before. Will I be okay?
Yes! All of our classes are designed for complete beginners (except for the Continuing Class, which builds off of the Beginner Class). We welcome differently-abled participants, and are happy to do what we can to help you make a beautiful finished piece.

I want to make something not offered through your classes. What are my options?
We offer private one-on-one glass blowing lessons where you have room to learn from mistakes and focus on particular skills you’d like to hone. Some students come in for one or two private lessons; others have been coming for years in order to master the art. How many lessons you take will depend on your goal.
If you’d like to invest in becoming a bona fide glass blower, you may take lessons until you are fluent (the amount of lessons it takes varies per person), then rent out the studio, where the sky is the limit. Email [email protected] for pricing and scheduling.

How and when do I pick up my glass project?
Your glass will need to cool in the kiln at least overnight. You can typically pick up your project 2 days after your class, but be sure to confirm with your instructor. Come by during our regular business hours, Mon-Sat 9am-4pm. Walk towards the back right, and you’ll see a Class Project Pick-Up area. Your work will be on the shelf that corresponds to the class you took, and your project will be labeled with your name and class date. Just grab and go!
Can’t swing by? We will ship all your items to you for $25 per address. Call (510) 778-1548.

Can I bring my kids to class?
The minimum age requirement for class participants is 12 years old. If you have someone under 12 with you, our first recommendation is to arrange care for them during your class. If that is not an option, we welcome them to watch class from the sidelines, but they must have a guardian with them at all times.

Can I gift a class to someone?
Yes! Give the gift of glass via an online gift card. If you’d like a physical gift certificate, give us a call. (510) 778-1548.

My class is on a Sunday, but your hours say you’re closed. Is that right?
Our public business hours do not include Sundays, but sometimes we schedule seasonal workshops, private parties, or highly in-demand classes on Sundays. If your class is on a Sunday, we promise we’ll be here!

Do you do repairs?
Repairs depend on many variables. Sometimes we can make a quick fix, sometimes we opt to re-make the piece entirely. Sometimes, there may not be a straightforward solution. If you are looking for a repair, please email [email protected] with images of the item, dimensions, and a rough estimate of your budget, and you’ll receive a professional opinion and an estimate within a few days. (Sorry, we cannot repair smoking paraphernalia.)

Still have questions? Email [email protected], or call (510) 778-1548 and leave a message if we are unable to answer. Aimee replies to voicemails on Mon-Wed-Fri.